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Elixie's Innovation Will Make You Feel better, Faster.

Optimal treatment with Elixie’s innovative patented medical cannabis products.

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Elixie SL Project
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Our mission is to enable inclusive drug Nano Technology focusing on elevating plant-derived therapeutics to standard medicinal products suitable for various medical indications and age groups. 


Cannabinoids are infamous for their poor absorption via most standard and familiar administration methods. Therefore, an innovative and suitable delivery system is crucial for the industry. Elixie's clinically proven drug delivery technology ensures controlled and efficient cannabinoid absorption and a tailor-made pharmacokinetic (PK) profile to suit the patient's specific needs.

Drug Delivery Platforms

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Advanced PNL: Rapid & Amplified Effect

Elixies products can be available everywhere globally!

Elixie’s IP is fully transferable, allowing global manufacturing of Elixie’s products via local partners.


Traditionally, consuming cannabis products via inhalation or smoking is considered The only way to reach a rapid cannabis therapeutic effect. This route of administration is not feasible for a wide range of patients due to age, medical conditions, or preference.


Elixie offers a range of standard medicinal cannabis products with diverse CBD and THC ratios designed to include every patient's need.

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No. 4 Ariel Sharon St., Givatayim, Israel

R&D lab:

Tarshish Industrial Park St 5, Caesarea, Israel

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